General Legal Practice

My Office provides services such as consulting, due diligence, explanation of legal issues, collecting of information or documents, litigation, debt collection, representation of interests, participation in negotiations, drafting suits and claims, etc.

Contract Law

Contracts - are agreements between parties. They could be in written or oral form. Contracts are restricted by law and they may include non-written obligations or some obligations could be illegal. Contracts involve: goods, services, leasing, franchising, partnership agreements, loans, inheritance, delegation of authority, employment contracts, marital contracts and other.

Banking Litigation

In times of crisis, banking litigation become more popular. Supreme court of Ukraine makes a lot of completely opposite decisions in deposit, credit and foreclosure cases. Competent lawyer will help you resolve a dispute in a court or by mediation.


Divorce it is the dissolution of marriage of married couple by the law of Ukraine. In many cases divorce requires a decision of a civil court. It could involve issues of distribution of property, child custody, alimony and other.

Environmental Law

Environmental Law is a combination of Ukrainian and international laws pertaining to issues of protecting natural resources. It is very important to have a competent legal support if your business in contact with resources of sea, land, sand, minerals, air, water or vegetation.


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