General Legal Practice

We provide services such as consulting, defense, due diligence, legal investigation, litigation, debt collection, representation of interests, real estate operations , mediation, drafting suits and claims, civil, criminal, administartive, medical, ecology law, etc.

Business Law

We professient in agreements, mediation, claims, litigation and other business questions. The case strategy must be maximum profitable for a client.

Banking Litigation

In times of crisis, banking litigation become more popular. The practice (court decisions) of the Supreme Court of Ukraine (which lawyers apply in courts) may be often different in the same legal issues. Competent lawyer will help you resolve a dispute in a court or by mediation.

Family Law

Cases like divorce, inheritance, distribution of property, custody, alimony and other.

International Private Law

Legal assistance for foreigners in questions connected with Ukraine, as well for Ukrainians who go / lives abroad or applying for the US or the Canada visa.


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